Asiri Board

Based on ARM technology;

Intended to be distributed as Open Hardware;

A technology platform for generating new developments;

Provide a low cost solution for personal computer access.

  • 产品说明

    Asiri is a board based on ARM technology, and intended to be distributed as Open Hardware.Asiri is also an Ecuadorian venture designed to meet two objectives:

    • Establish a technology platform based on open standards that will allow to easily generate new developments.
    • Provide a low cost solution for personal computer access. This project began several years ago with the establishment of PaloSanto Solutions, a company dedicated to software development and implementation of open source technology solutions.

    Thinking at the end user level, Asiri becomes a potential tool for countless entrepreneurships. One of the main, and most obvious, is to provide computer access to children and young people who do not currently have the means to access a computer. However, the applications are endless when considering the current trend of implementing technology that allows us to be more effective, improve communications and access information.

    At the technological development level, Asiri looks to make a current that encourages and promotes the generation of similar projects in developing countries, taking advantage of the strength that characterizes open source communities.

    Technical Specifications

    • CPU: 456MHz ARM926EJ-S1
    • RAM: 256MB(128MB*2)
    • Storage: 1*SD Socket
    • 1 USB 2.0 Port
    • Ethernet Port (10/100Mbps speed)
    • 1 Serial Port RS232(MALE)
    • Power: 1 DC 12V/JACK(5.5/2.1)
    • 1 POWER_LED (Green)
    • Board size: 147mm x 91 mm
    • Net Weight: 70g


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  • 功能特征

    • Powerful Processor up to 456MHz
    • 1 gigabit Ethernet ports(10/100 Mbps speed)
    • Flexible combinations of data storage solution
    • Wide voltage range :12V DC supply
    • Low EMI Emission level and high Electro Magnetic Susceptibility
  • 配件

    Power Supply